Press Information Who’s Killing Your Church


Who’s Killing Your Church

Official Title: “Who’s Killing Your Church — Is Your Leadership Style Hurting Your Congregation?”

Author: Royce White

Publisher: ReadnLead Publishing

Formats: Paperback (July 1, 2019), Hardbound, Kindle, iBook, Audio Book (july 15, 2019)

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Royce’s Bio:
Royce spends all of his time teaching leadership in one way or another—it’s his passion and career. Along with extensive business and leadership training, he is part of the John Maxwell Team and has been mentored for many years by John (John was voted the #1 leadership expert by Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, The American Management Association, and, author of over 85 books on leadership and personal growth, pastor, teacher, speaker). Royce has also been a CEO for 28 years and he understands business culture well.

He has worked with youth for many years and was a worship leader for over 30 years. He understands church culture. He has struggled under bad church leadership and succeeded under good church leadership. He’s even succeeded under bad church leadership. He works with churches, businesses, and individuals on all aspects of leadership, personal growth, and understanding personality and human behavior. He trains and mentors pastors and staff to aspire to and achieve Level 4 and 5 leadership skills so they can build their teams and congregations to live and give the gospel better and grow their people, their church, and ultimately the kingdom.

He is also an author, international speaker, teacher, executive coach with the John Maxwell Team, and a certified human behavioral specialist. He has been married for 40+ years with five adult children and seven grandchildren.

The Caris Group Bio:
We are a group of leadership and personality consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers, and authors from many walks of life. Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of leadership and personality so you can apply that knowledge to make a paradigm shift in your business, marriage, family, congregation, staff, relationships, team, and the culture around you.

We’re not interested in helping you achieve anything less than significant change. All of us can fail-forward into good change, but to Level Up you need to understand yourself and others really, really well.

We show you who you are, who your team is, and how to take your team to ever greater levels of success. Leadership is about people—always has been, always will be. We show you your strengths and weaknesses and how to push your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses and lead your way to increased growth, better relationships, less stress, and more productivity.