Leadership is a learned skill. But most get it wrong.

There are two main elements to being a good leader.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, Fortune 500, church staff, couple, family, team—life (and leadership) is about people—always has been, always will be.

Your personality affects 99% of everything in life. At home. At school. At work. With your spouse. With your kids. With your boss and team. Even with friends. Everybody, everywhere, everything. And without you realizing it. Do you know how your personality affects you and others? Most people think they do yet 98% of us really have no clue. And as a result misunderstand others daily and fail to lead others toward success. We will show you who you really are and how to connect correctly with others. It will save you an enormous amount of headache and heartache and get you to where you want to go much faster.

We will show you how this newly gained personality knowledge will help you learn to become a Level 5 Leader—the Pinnacle of leadership. A manager deals with things—a leader deals with people so they can better deal with things (and people). Most people are Level 1 leaders that never get to Level 2 let alone Level 5. If you want to take your company, family, relationships—everything—to the next level and beyond, call us today—and let our team help your team. We will show you how to make your profits go up, your relationships get better, and everything in life have less stress and more productivity.


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What others are saying about Royce White and The Caris Group…

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“Truly thank you. Your character, message, and advice were truly inspirational. Thank you for opening my eyes to my own tendencies as well as giving me a better understanding of how to deal with others.”


“Thank you for helping us learn something more about ourselves and others around us.  It was nice to have some insight on myself and my personality.  I look forward to starting your book. What I learned will help me to hopefully handle others differently according to their personalities.  Thank you for your time and making the experience fun and enjoyable.”




“Royce is a unique human being. Although he is endowed with a wide array of abilities such as being an accomplished musician/songwriter, an experienced and successful entrepreneur, world-class encourager and life coach, and visionary leader, he comports himself with a steadfast humility. What it is that precisely renders Royce worthy of both the utmost respect and an openness in heart and mind as to what he offers is his overall life posture as one who leads via employing high-level competency, empathy, dignity, mercy, and a keen ability to listen. When one embodies a coalescence of considerable gifting with these attributes you have a capable leader in all of life’s dimensions – relationally (husband, father, friend, neighbor), professionally, and societally. This is Mr. Royce White! He would be the first to tell you that all of this is due to the love and generosity manifesting in the work of God in, on, and through him in accordance with his reliance upon Jesus Christ as the living Son of God. Royce is a Christian in the true sense that he follows Jesus Christ as the living person He is and tries his best to, in all dimensions of living, act like the One he follows. That is the essence of what it is to be a Christian! Royce White is as exemplary a man of faith and integrity as I have ever known in my life and it is a privilege to be associated with and connected to such an august and talented man who, whenever you encounter him, makes you feel as if you are the most important person in that space. That is leadership!”


“I would take your class all over again in a heartbeat, it was just that good for all of us.”


“Royce changed my life…

Thanks to Royce, my life now has direction. I used to not have anything to work towards and I didn’t know how to spend my free time.  If there’s something more I can do with my life, something wise I can use my time working towards so that I can make the most of my time on earth and help as many people as possible, then I want to be aware of it, and Royce made me aware of it—and he simply pulled it out of me without applying any sort of force, guilt, or manipulation of any kind.

With one simple question Royce drew a desire out of me, a desire which I once had a long time ago but then put into permanent storage due to the belief that it was unattainable. With just one meeting and one book he recommended, Royce then gave me the realization that my dream could be accomplished.  Royce gave me both a dream and the motivation to accomplish it.  He lifted a veil that was covering my eyes, allowing me to see what was possible, and then set my feet in motion walking towards it.

He won’t put any pressure on you to do something you don’t want to do, but rather he’ll guide you in a direction of figuring out what you want to do, and then empower you to find the tools to do it.  He won’t do the work for you, but he’ll put you into an adventure where you lead, but still have him to draw from.  And while such an adventure is a little unsettling at first because you have to do the work, it’s actually tremendously fulfilling, because your heart and your desires are the guide—not external pressure.

In an adventure with Royce, you can go wherever you want to, and there’s no whip cracking behind you to tell you where to go and how fast to get there. The things Royce gives— purpose, passion, drive, and direction—are better than any Christmas or birthday present I ever got.  I know it sounds like a stale statement to say because infomercial testimonials proclaim it all the time, but Royce changed my life.  I can’t put everything Royce did for me in a bottle, give it to someone to drink, and enable that person to appreciate what he did for me—but what I can do for you is simply say this:  just try him out.  Meet with him once or twice and see if you can’t already feel the fire being lit in your heart such that you have difficulty relaxing due to the excitement being generated deep within, making your feet restless to start walking on a new adventure.  Once you feel that with Royce, you’re on the same road I’m on—and that road is going to a very good place.”

Applications Programmer


“Thank you so much for coming to our leadership weekend! Your presentation was very clear, animated, and extremely usable. I’ve done the DISC assessment a couple of times (many, many moons ago) but never really knew how to use it in relationships other than “pegging” someone. This certainly puts it in a much better track. Thank you for your commitment to the community.”


“Remarkable speaker & presenter on behavior & personality issues that affect parent/child and marriage relationships. The information we received has changed our family dynamics for the better.”


“You are an Amazing Storyteller!!!”
Founder, Mental Health Advocate


“Royce’s background in leadership and management alone makes him an excellent choice for an executive coach. Moreover, his ability to anticipate and challenge excuses or reluctance has made the time we’ve spent together truly meaningful, effective, and priceless. He is sincerely interested in my development and asks critical and effective questions. In my wildest imagination, there is no better way to have invested my time than with this leader of leaders.”
Executive Director of Weekend Experience
Eastside Christian Church (Anaheim, CA)


“Brilliantly written!”
Pharmacist, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Skip4Life


“Royce has really helped give me a clear sense of the habits that I need to work on improving in order to get where I want to go. He has helped me become more intentional about growing, rather than having a haphazard approach to everything, which is my normal tendency. He has forced me to dig deep into my own heart and figure it out. Through Royce’s help, I have a clearer scope on the steps I need to take in order to go where I want to go with my career and have become aware that I need to make drastic shifts in order for the things I want to accomplish to happen.”


“Thank you Royce for the outstanding class. Your coaching skills and guiding hand has inspired me to be more intentional with my goals. You helped me to poke and prod myself to figure out who I was and what I wanted to accomplish. You gave me that renewed spirit and determination that pushed me to find a path to success. Thank you Royce – you are truly an inspiring individual!”

“It was a pleasure attending your leadership class—I’ll miss the great discussions we’ve had. The class has sparked a new energy for me, has taught me to never be stagnant, to step out of my comfort zone in order to experience greatness, to expand and keep growing despite life’s challenges that are always looming. Thank you for helping guide and stretch us with your loving leadership, kindness, and wisdom.”





“Royce White is a multi-talented man who is having a positive, life changing impact on many. We highly recommend his book, Positive Accountability. You can purchase it through Amazon or Kindle. It will change your life for the good, forever. Blessings… JOHN VOGT
Wellsboro Home Page Operations Manager.”


“As my mentor, Royce has been hugely successful at helping me grow, and I feel the bedrock to that is the way he approaches me. He teaches me in ways appropriate to my specific learning style; he chooses select ways and words that I naturally hone in on in a positive manner. While nurturing my strengths, he never neglects pointing out my weaknesses with various ways for me to overcome them. Royce has helped me develop the confidence, focus, and drive I will need to succeed in life.


“I urge you to take any opportunity to work with Royce and experience his mentoring. As a college student, I used to struggle with time management, setting goals, and public speaking. Through working with Royce, I have grown immensely in each of these three areas. Royce is an incredibly gifted and inspiring individual who uses his talents to help others achieve their dreams. Now, I am completing goals I once thought were impossible, and I have won several public speaking competitions through the aid of Royce’s wisdom. If you desire to achieve exponential personal growth, look no further. Royce will take your game to a whole new level.”





“Thank you very much for helping me understand others better. I especially liked the way you emphasized that leadership is based on people. This will help me in my daily interactions with others. It will help me to be more accepting toward others, and help me to realize the impact we all can have. I also started reading your book, and have highlighted many places in it that stuck out to me. Thank you for helping us better understand ourselves and others to help serve our community in a more effective way!


Thank you for taking time to teach us about the DISC Model of Human Behavior. I’ve become so interested in what we covered about the different personality tendencies, that I’ve been attempting to guess the personalities of those around me. Building systems is the greatest advice I have ever received. I have been putting intentionality into my daily routines and I’m excited to see how some of these work out! Thank you again for taking the time to talk with us. It made a difference in how I see other people and how I see myself.


“I very much appreciated your passion, enthusiasm, and positive energy in presenting this valuable information. Probably teaching this thousands of times, your way of interacting with us was still refreshing. With the significant research you have done on this subject, I was also impressed by the statistics you presented to make the information more real. Your examples were ‘spot-on’. When I listen to a speaker, my respect and admiration increase when I hear personal stories of how the speaker worked through the topic, applied it themselves, and acknowledged their successes and failures through this process. You accomplished this very well.”
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
Mansfield University


“I first met Royce on the John Maxwell Team. Although I’d never had any real close contact with him, his council, input and Leadership perspective in the team have always been impactful. I had the opportunity of experiencing Royce conduct a coaching session as a teaching lesson and there was no doubt in my mind that he was the person I wanted to coach me. I decided to act on my intuition and signed up for a period of 1:1 coaching sessions with Royce. I could not have made a better decision. Royce’s coaching style has allowed me to get curious about me, make imperative business decisions, keep the promises I made to myself and become a lot more confident and comfortable about building my own training and coaching practice. He provides a non threatening and non judgemental environment that really helped me to go deeper than surface level and he has an incredible gift of helping you to become more aware about your strengths and how to build on them. Royce is an expert in marketing and branding which is a much needed quality for any client trying to improve their business. He’s genuine, authentic and brings a high level of integrity to the coaching session. I highly recommend Royce if you are serious about identifying your dream and actualising it!  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”
Travel & Tourism Advisor | Human Development Practitioner












Who are we?

We're a group of leadership and communication experts from the John Maxwell Team. We are authors, international speakers, executive coaches, trainers, human behavior specialists—in short —everything leadership, personal growth, and personality understanding. We help you know yourself deeper, understand others better, and learn to communicate at a level that creates high levels of productivity and reduces stress. We're so confident you will see significant changes almost right away, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Hi—I'm Royce White, Founder and CEO of The Caris Group. I am also the author of the book Positive Accountability—a book that will help 80% of us get started to succeeding at any topic. After years in corporate America and starting eight businesses, I turned my attention to leadership and personal growth through the John Maxwell Team. That's when I discovered a secret in the trade—most people were being motivated to find accomplishment, but nobody was showing anyone true methodologies and procedures to continually accomplish—without having to be motivated. Most people ended up being motivated for a couple weeks and then started the long struggle down to failure. That's because—as Author Susan Fowler says in her landmark book 'Why Motivating People Doesn't Work'—you can't motivate people—they're already motivated—you need to learn what that is.” Plus, depending on what your personality style is, it can be harder to stay on target—sometimes much harder. So when you mix proper leadership and personal growth skills, your own personality, and positive accountability, you have the true formula for success in everything—family, career, spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, and social—the seven basic areas of life. Want to make a serious change in your organization? Start with your people. Let our people help your people. That's what we do, all day long.

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