Church Leadership Training

Church Leadership Training

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Leadership. Less than 2% of the population studies leadership. One of the greatest myths is the Assumption Gap—because we automatically grew as children, we will automatically grow as adults. Another myth is because we are church leaders, we are leadership experts. It’s just not true. Especially depending on our personality.

All leaders (this includes you and me) have a lid (cap) on their leadership ability and raising that lid will help you take your church where you believe God wants you to take it. Most church leaders get into trouble because they are not growing their personal leadership skills while their church is growing so they remain stuck in a low level of leadership. Then, when you need those skills, you don’t have them. It’s a common problem throughout all organizations. In order to get the church where you want it to go, you have to bring people along—they have to buy-in to you before they buy-in to your vision. How do you accomplish that? Just having a charismatic personality won’t get you there. It may work for a while, but we all have stories of church troubles and splits.

Churches are not different in the most important aspect of leadership—people. People still need to be led properly whether in secular or sacred. And you know that we are a piece of work no matter where we are! All have sinned and have different propensities. Even we as leaders struggle! But there are proven and biblical ways to help you and your leaders, staff, and the whole congregation, get back on target.

Many preachers have high ‘D’ or Dominant personalities—it’s the entrepreneurial spirit in them that drives them to go start a church or go lead a church. They have a tendency to be forward thinking, enjoy being in control, and love a good challenge. Unfortunately, there are weaknesses that go along with those strengths. They typically are task oriented instead of people oriented. This has the tendency of getting things done—many times at the expense of people. And after the worship of God, church is all about people. High ‘C’ or Conscientious personalities are typically your elders—the rule keepers. They are also task oriented. Two thirds of your congregation are people oriented—not task oriented. That means there’s a huge potential disconnect, and most leaders don’t understand how to reconnect with and lead those people. That’s what leadership is all about. The key is learning to correctly lead people to help accomplish all the things you believe God has called you to do! To be both task and people oriented. There are specific methodologies and procedures, strategy and tactics to get this done in truth and love.

People are not going to continue to follow you just because you are a pastor—that’s Level 1—Positional Leadership—the lowest form of leadership. There are proven principles of leadership that you need to embrace to ensure you are leading people in the best possible ways. This includes your staff as well as the congregation. And it includes leading yourself properly! It may all be going well in the beginning, but wait for a building project, additional pastor search committee, doctrinal error, or even changing music styles. Are you prepared to lead your people through that? We’ve seen too many churches crash and burn because the leaders of the church were unprepared for both a proper biblical and proper leadership approach—unless you define success as accomplishing the task while leaving people behind. It doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s not a matter of if it happens—it’s a matter of when it happens.

As members of the John Maxwell Team, we bring the leadership methodologies and procedures from the world’s #1 leadership expert (and pastor), John C. Maxwell, to your organization and church. You will learn how to apply the best leadership principles to yourself, your staff, and your congregation. From executive coaching to in-house assessment and training to specific, tailored to your church solutions and follow-up, we can help you build your team to steer through tough times or take on the next level of growth—and build a legacy for generational transition.

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Some suggested topics—

• Team/Staff Building
• How to Resolve Conflict/Crucial Conversations
• Advanced Church Growth Methodology
• Working with/Leading Dominant Personality Leaders
• How to Change Music Styles Without Losing Your Congregation
• Understanding Personality Deeply
• Church Leadership 101
• Becoming a Person of Influence
• Generational Transition
• How to Lead from Every Position (360° Leadership)
• Failing Forward
• Your Topics

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