Couples Interaction Assessment Info

Start your relationship together understanding one another deeply instead of misunderstanding each other.

When we’re attracted to someone, we usually only see the things we want to see. There are some serious chemicals and hormones running around our bodies that make it hard to see anything but perfection—or close to it. While those things are great for getting started, we can overlook things that will later come back to make life difficult. So why not understand them now so you can start dealing with the issues from the beginning instead of waking up one day saying, “I don’t know you!”

Where are you and your spouse (or spouse to be) similar and where are you different? What are your strengths and weaknesses in the relationship? How do you communicate and connect more effectively? By taking this Couple’s Interaction Assessment, you will be able to see how you relate best with one another and how to best understand how each of you is wired.

We use the DISC Model of Human Behavior to show you and your spouse your personality traits and we give you a personal special Interaction Report for the two of you together. This will help you understand how the other person is wired and how your personalities are different so you can learn to speak each other’s personality and learn to communicate deeply. Plus, it shows you where you are opposite from one another so you can work on those areas and so you can realize why you don’t see eye-to-eye in those areas.

All in all, it’s an amazing tool to help you grow in emotional maturity in your relationship. You will discover things right from the beginning that can normally take a lifetime to develop. This allows you to get a huge headstart on your relationship (or fix where you are) and get to the depth you’re looking for sooner that only many years together bring.  It also shows you where your weaknesses are so you can help each other grow in those areas. As a recent user of this assessment said,

“My husband and I have read through our profiles and have nodded and ‘Amened’ along to them.”  They are extremely accurate. And another spouse said, “Your personality assessment saved my marriage. I called home from the conference and actually understood my husband!”

Your cost—$249—Extended 50 page personality Reports (2 reports—you & your spouse or spouse-to-be), Interaction Guide (for both of you as a couple), plus a one hour session with one of our Human Behavior Specialists to go over the assessments with you in detail.

We guarantee that if you use the Interaction Guide (you gotta use it for it to work), it will be one of thegreatest lifelong tools for understanding and growing yourself, your spouse, and your relationship—or we’ll happily refund your money 100%. Or look at it this way—a $249 invested now can save you a million dollars of heartache over the life of your marriage.

Are you ready to really grow your marriage?