About Caris

We Are Caris.

We are a group of leadership and personality coaches, speakers, trainers, and authors from many walks of life. Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of leadership and personality so you can apply that knowledge to make a paradigm shift in your business, marriage, family, congregation, staff, relationships, team, and the culture around you.

We’re not interested in helping you achieve anything less than significant change. All of us can fail-forward into good change, but to Level Up you need to understand yourself and others really, really well.

We show you who you are, who your team is, and how to take your team to ever greater levels of success. Leadership is about people—always has been, always will be. We show you your strengths and weaknesses and how to push your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses and lead your way to increased profits, better relationships, less stress, and more productivity.

We do this through—

  • Public speaking at your event
  • Workshops and training sessions
  • Executive Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Retreats and weekends
  • Books and videos

We have extensive experience in business, church, family, personality, leadership, and personal growth. Each one of us has between 30-40 years of experience in their related field. We understand people and business—your people, your business.

Our heart is to touch your heart and your mind so you can lead your team to win. We have a passion for leadership and we are also part of the John Maxwell Team—the largest group of leadership trainers in the world. We have been meticulously mentored and taught leadership skills and principles—The Maxwell Philosophy—by John and we bring that skill to you as well.

To start a conversation about bringing us into your organization, call us at 800-328-2390, email Leadership@WeAreCaris.com, or use our Contact Form here. We look forward to working with you.

Take the day by storm!

Royce White
Founder & CEO