Level Up


What if you could help your students develop really strong, life-long relationships with their parents, friends, teachers, bosses, everyone?

What if you could help them understand themselves so well it causes a paradigm shift in their thinking and helps them have less stress, better relationships, and be highly productive?

What if they could see deeply how they were created so they could live to their fullest potential?

The Level Up! Presentation & Workshop is a live, 60 minute interactive & entertaining experience for students and parents together. It’s an amazing journey that will help them really understand themselves, their families, friends, teachers, coworkers—everyone.

What’s this about?

WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” my dad asked. I don’t know why—I just did it. When we don’t understand the other person, we stress. Sometimes significantly. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a clearer and more accurate understanding of ourselves and others so that we can communicate with and treat one another much better? Significantly better?

You might say you know yourself pretty well. But have you ever wondered about someone else, “Why do they do that?” or “why can’t they understand me?” or, if you’re honest, “why do I do that?”

Specifically, we help parents and teens discover their personality differences and the reasons behind them so they can understand one another better and significantly deepen their relationships. Why is this so important? When we don’t speak the same personality language—and most do not—we don’t communicate well.  At the Caris Group, we help people understand and speak each other’s personality language. Imagine if we could speak in a way that helped the other person always understand us—and we always understand them.

Personality is made up of about fifteen different characteristics including family, environment, birth order, education, culture, emotional maturity, intelligence, and experience. These things become our behavioral style, our outlook, our temperament—how we are wired. We show your students—and their parents—how to be themselves and live to tell about it!

How do we do it?

Author and leadership expert Steven Covey said it well, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” The apostle James said it first, “let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Our 60 minute interactive session gets parents and students actively participating and clearly shows everyone their primary personality trait. Basic traits are emphasized and help each person learn to hear and speak each other’s personality language. By the end of the session, parents and teens will understand each other on a much deeper level.

The 60 minute, captivating session is meant to be held during your normal youth meeting on Sunday morning or on a specific day of your choosing. We can also add a longer session (90 minutes) to go more in-depth and really create exceptional understanding and practice using what you’ve learned.

As certified behavior specialists, we are equipped to help everyone understand their personality style, which will enable them to begin to deeply understand others.  A proper understanding of personality styles helps lower stress in the home, facilitate better teamwork, and minimize family conflict. It can also help students understand their work methods and help them power through college and career. Plus, it can create an environment that builds trust and can help battle self-destructive or even suicidal thoughts.

Why is this important?

Your personality affects 99% of everything in your life. We are all different. There are four basic personality styles and if we truly know how to read ourselves and each other, we will know best how to communicate—and avoid a lot of misunderstanding and stress. One style is not right or wrong, one is not better than another—they’re just different. We have seen so many people helped by truly understanding each other’s personality and learning how to communicate better. You owe it to yourself and family.

Over 40 million people have taken a DISC personality assessment and for those who apply it consistently, we have seen a paradigm shift in the way we treat one another. However, if you don’t know how to apply it to relationships, it won’t help you. The hard part is developing a personal system to practice. We show you how.

Some of us love to be in charge, take control, seek adventure and challenges—they are driven and determined. Others like spending time with people, having fun, influencing others, and being the center of attention—they are inspiring and impressive. Still others simply love being part of a team, helping others accomplish, giving of themselves, and are more supportive—they are sweet and shy. Others are more calculated and enjoy thinking, following the rules, and structure and accuracy—they are conscientious and careful. Why? All of us are a blend of these traits but we have a dominant trait that stands out and is a part of everything we do and think. Learning to speak other’s personalities is crucial.

Who are we?

We are father and son teaching team—Royce and Christian Marc White. Royce is an author, international speaker, and executive coach with the John Maxwell Team—the world expert in leadership and personal growth. Both Christian Marc and Royce are certified human behavior specialists with DISC.

Christian Marc is an actor and brings his professional acting skills, communication skills, and his DISC personality skills, to help families learn to communicate and succeed in life.

Royce’s experience includes roles in executive leadership, worship leadership, publishing, training, consulting. He is also a professional musician and a worship leader with more than 39 years experience. He is the author of the book Positive Accountability—which helps those who have trouble finishing what they start (which personality is that?).

Royce’s past work as a leader in YoungLife youth ministries and in church has created an unrelenting passion for helping young people succeed in life. His hope for youth was the catalyst for the development of this workshop.

Royce has been married to his bride Jody for 41 years, and together they teach a weekend seminar, I’m So Glad I Married You, using the DISC Model of Human Behavior to help couples understand each other and best communicate. They have five grown children and seven grandchildren.

For more information and to schedule your session, email Jody at jody@WeAreCaris.com or call us today at 800-328-2390. Don’t just wish you had better relationships, be intentional and make better relationships! Or click here…

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