Personality Marriage Workshop

How’s your marriage?

Want to make it better?

For most couples, in the beginning, opposites attract.

Then, for the rest of the marriage, opposites attack!


How do you make it better?
And if it’s great right now,
how do you build a system
to deal with problems
in the future?


What if you could understand your spouse in a way that causes a paradigm shift in both of you and makes your relationship thrive until “death do you part”?

Do you ever wonder…

• why your spouse says or does something different?
• why you say or do some of the things you say or do?
• why you argue so much?
• how to understand each other better?
• why sometimes you both are so totally different?
• how to communicate and connect deeper?
• why you just don’t “get” your spouse.
• why your spouse always wants control? or
• just wants to have fun? or
• never seems serious? or
• hates conflict and change? or
• is a perfectionist?
• how to build a system to make it even better?

Come find the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to know about your spouse’s personality! This fun and revealing workshop is held Friday evening and Saturday morning at your church to minimize time away from family and busy lives—and it only costs $99 per couple! That’s a small price to pay to save you lots of headache and heartache  in the future—and even if everything is going perfectly right now, you will learn some wonderful and powerful methodologies to strengthen communication and understand how you’re wired.

One of the main reasons why people struggle in marriage so much is that in love relationships, opposites typically attract—then opposites attack!

How many of us married someone different that we are?

You will learn how to…

• correctly speak your spouse’s personality language so you can accomplish instead of argue—so you can be a team instead of competing individuals.
• understand how your spouse is wired so you can accept them instead of reject them.
• be understood for who you are!
• enjoy your spouse instead of be angry.
• bless your spouse instead of curse your spouse.
• understand what fuels your spouse—and yourself.
• grow your marriage intentionally.

It’s time to learn and enjoy your marriage! Don’t wait 40 years to figure out the person you married!

Tailored to each couple

No matter where your marriage is—and even if you’re newly engaged and not yet married—with the Marriage Personality Workshop, you get—personalized, tailored-to-you-and-your-spouse, insight, understanding, and individual application so you can get your marriage unstuck and start enjoying life together while communicating deeply. No more fight or flight. What you will learn may be different than the couple sitting next to you—we’re all different and our solutions need to be custom-made to our specific personalities.

We’re all different!

God made us different for a reason. We are a body of different members—unfortunately, most of the time, we don’t understand those who are opposite from us (or even similar). This is an opportunity for you to finally learn why we do the things we do and make the needed changes!

Once you understand how to align yourself with the way life works—the way God made it—your relationships get better, your stress goes down, and your productivity goes up. That’s where the paradigm shift occurs and you start to have a much better marriage. We see this happen in couples whether married for a year, 10 years, or 50 years.

How to get started

Ask your pastor, marriage mentors at church, or whoever is in charge of making this happen to bring us in for a Marriage Personality Workshop. You can call Jody at 800-328-2390 or email her at

Looking forward to seeing the “ah-ha” moment in your eyes and a changed heart and marriage forever.


Cost: $99 per couple
Location: Your church
Date: You pick it
Time: Friday 7:30p–9:30pm and Saturday 8:30a–12:30p (or longer for deeper programs)

Also, ask about having us do our “Level-Up!” program for parents and teens while we’re there. Get the whole family involved and really understand everyone! Contact us today!