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About Royce

Greetings Beloved!

I spend all my time teaching leadership in one way or another—it’s my passion and career. Along with extensive business and leadership training, I am part of the John Maxwell Team and have been mentored for many years by John (John was voted the #1 leadership expert by Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, The American Management Association, and, author of over 85 books on leadership and personal growth, pastor, teacher, speaker). I have been a CEO for 28 years of my life I understand business well.

I worked with youth for many years and was a worship leader for over 30 years. I understand church culture. I have struggled under bad church leadership and succeeded under good church leadership. I’ve even succeeded under bad church leadership. I work with churches, businesses, and individuals on all aspects of leadership, personal growth, and understanding personality and human behavior. I train and mentor pastors and staff to aspire to and achieve Level 4 and 5 leadership skills so they can build their teams and congregations to live and give the gospel better and grow their people, their church, and ultimately the kingdom.

I am also an author, international speaker, teacher, executive coach with the John Maxwell Team, and a certified human behavioral specialist. I have been married for 40+ years with five adult children and seven grandchildren.

I look forward to hearing your story!