Personality Workshop

Bring your group together and we’ll do an interactive workshop with your team showing them their personality traits and how to best understand themselves and others. This standup workshop is fun, intuitive, informative, and funny. Everyone will leave changed.

After a 30 minute interactive session we will dig in and learn the intricacies of our own personality as well as understand the nuances of everyone else’s personality so we can speak each others language. When the workshop is over, your team will be able to—

  • Understand why they say and do the things they do
  • Speak in such a way as to build rapport
  • Cut way down on miscommunications
  • Learn to get more results
  • Learn to be more efficient
  • Have more fun and be more enthusiastic
  • Be a kinder, gentler person
  • Learn how to speak to any kind of person and communicate
  • Increase profits
  • Have better relationships
  • Everything in life has less stress and more productivity

You see, when you don’t understand someone, you misunderstand them—all day long. We are all very different and we don’t know how to listen and speak another’s personality language. It may seem like we do because life goes on and some things are happening, but once you learn to speak another’s personality, accomplishment goes way up.

Again, typically after this workshop, everyone talks about it for a long time and hearts are really, really changed.  You will begin to understand every person in your life much better. It causes a paradigm shift in your thinking and changes the way you see others and yourself.

Don’t miss this workshop—if you do nothing else, hold this workshop as soon as possible—it really is that good. Call us today at 800-328-2390, use our Contact Form, or email us at