Official Press Release—Who’s Killing Your Church


ReadnLead Publishing Announces Upcoming Book Release: ‘Who’s Killing Your Church? Is Your Leadership Style Hurting Your Congregation?’

Leadership and personality specialist Royce White, CEO and founder of The Caris Group, offers keen awareness and specific solutions to high Dominant pastors, staff, and their congregations on how to help domineering pastors build and maintain strong and healthy leaders and churches.

VINT HILL FARMS, Va., June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Royce White recently announced the impending July release of his latest behavioral study and leadership volume, “Who’s Killing Your Church.” Mr. White’s book (’s-killing-your-church/) is currently available for paperback preorder, and after July 15, will be available for purchase at Audible, Kindle and iBook.


Dominant Personality types are the true entrepreneurs and are usually the ones to start churches, businesses and other organizations. Consequently, they are over-represented in church leadership. But one of the greatest weaknesses in a high Dominant Personality pastor is low to no self-awareness of their personality flaws — they are unaware that they are overbearing. When in control of themselves, Dominants are courageous, quick to respond, goal-oriented, results-oriented, deliberate, self-confident, direct, self-reliant, straightforward and competitive. But out-of-control, such Dominants can tend to be domineering, insensitive, demanding, manipulative, arrogant, hot-tempered and even cruel.

Although Dominants can make wonderful leaders, how can one recognize whether one’s dominance is in control, or completely unrestrained? And once recognized, how should Dominant leaders begin to tackle their domineering attitude while guiding their staff and congregation in a healthy, effective manner? What should Dominants do once they realize they are being destructive to those around them? Mr. White’s book is a detailed exploration of exactly these sorts of questions, with answers in the form of specific chapters dedicated to pastors, staff, elders and the congregation-at-large. Ultimately, Mr. White helps Dominant pastors identify their underlying problem, then applies biblical methodologies, correct leadership procedures and a greater understanding of personality as a comprehensive and lasting solution.

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Testimonials: The Caris Group and Royce White

“Royce’s background in leadership and management alone makes him an excellent choice for an executive coach. Moreover, his ability to anticipate and challenge excuses or reluctance has made the time we’ve spend together truly meaningful, effective, and priceless. He is sincerely interested in my development and asks critical and effective questions. In my wildest imagination, there is no better way to have invested my time than with this leader of leaders.” —C. Loope, Executive Director of Weekend Experience, Eastside Christian Church

“Truly thank you. Your character, message, and advice were truly inspirational. Thank you for opening my eyes to my own tendencies as well as giving me a better understanding of how to deal with others.” —DP.

About Royce White

Royce White is an international speaker, executive coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Founder of The Caris Group, Royce is also a human behavior specialist who works with church leadership, businesses and NGOs to help them grow intentionally by learning and applying proven leadership principles. He was also President and CEO of a media manufacturing company for 25 years. A worship leader with over 30-years-experience, Royce has been involved in church leadership throughout his adult life, in addition to authoring multiple materials on related leadership topics. Learn more at:


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