[ You should already have your DISC Assessment code before you start this. If you do not have an access code, go here to buy your code or contact ].

1. THIS IS AN ASSESSMENT—IT IS NOT A TEST! You can pass or fail a test—but you cannot fail an assessment.  No personality type is ‘better’ than any other type. The world needs ALL types to function properly! So be comfortable—do not worry.

2. Take your time: The DISC assessment can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes (depending on your personality type). Trying to rush through an assessment will hinder its accuracy. Do it later if you don’t have 10-20 minutes right now. But don’t forget about it!

3. Do it in one sitting, without any interruptions: The question types can easily get mixed up if you take breaks or have distractions. Move methodically from one to the next until it is done.

4. Don’t over-analyze, go with your gut instinct: Some of the questions don’t seem sensible, it is by design.  The best way to answer these is with your gut—what you honestly feel.

5. Some answers will be real close: Sometimes you feel like you are several ways within each question! That’s okay. But still choose the one you feel the strongest about in both the Most Like and Least Like categories.

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