Teach Your Children According to Their Personality

Teach Your Children According to Their Personality!

We are all different—sometimes very different. Sometimes totally different.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be! No personality is right or wrong, good or bad—just different. But those differences are significant, and unless we understand personality styles, we will misunderstand each other frequently. Some of your children want to be in control. Some are wired to need more fun than others. Some seem like they are made for school. If you understand both your personality style and theirs, you can make specific variations in how you teach them to better help them achieve. After all, isn’t one of the reasons we homeschool to meet their individual needs? Join international speaker Royce White as he shows you how to understand personality blends using the DISC Model of Human Behavior and apply specific techniques to help your students learn faster, go deeper, prepare to power through college and work, and keep your homeschool experience more streamlined and stress free!