Who Needs This?

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Who will this help? You—no matter who you are. Management needs to understand their team and the team needs to understand management. Spouses need to understand one another. Parents need to understand their children. Some of your kids are totally different than you. Totally. You just don’t get them. You compare those that are not like you to those that are like you—“Why can’t you be more like your sister??”—ouch.  Spouses—you typically marry your opposite—how do you learn to understand your spouse when they think in another personality language? And how do they understand you? It’s like you’re from another planet! Almost seems programmed for failure. And your boss! She’s so incredibly domineering and task oriented while you’re reserved and people oriented—how do you learn to understand what she really means so you can be the best at your job? And how do you help her understand you so you can communicate well to best accomplish the job? What about understanding your parents? My dad and I didn’t connect all our lives—and then he passed away. None of these personalities are right or wrong—none of them are good or bad—we are all different. Come learn to connect with anybody.