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Do you have the necessary skills to lead yourself and others into a successful life? Into your definition of success? Most people don’t learn leadership and even less actually study it. Even overachievers struggle to apply leadership principles.

Now you have the opportunity to get all the necessary life skills to become a world-class leader in any organization—and even if leading others isn’t your goal, you still need to lead yourself well. Extremely well.

Royce White, author, human behavior specialist, executive coach and international speaker with the John Maxwell Team, will lead you weekly through a special teleconference program to help you get from where you are to the top of yout desired field—to quickly go from team member to team leader and on to become a Level 5 leader—the pinnacle of leadership. These learned skills will give you a significant edge to power through college or career and achieve your definition of success. You will learn to apply these crucial leadership skills to help you find the best possible career and jump start your life—or if you’re already in the workforce, take your leadership, family, marriage—to the top.

Royce’s mentor and teacher, John C. Maxwell, has been voted the world’s expert in leadership for the past seven years. He’s combined John’s expertise in leadership and his own 40 years of leadership and business experience as President and CEO into a weekly LIVE mentorship via phone—plus webisodes, podcasts, blogs, and more.

Each weekly 60 minute class will include 30 minutes of mentoring and 30 minutes of Q&A so you will always be able to get your leadership, personality, and growth questions answered.

We will cover methodologies and procedures, strategy and tactics of how to grow yourself and others—and how to lead yourself and others to become a world-class leader.

The skills learned will work in a single Mom & Pop store to the largest government in the world and everything in-between. Why? Because it’s all about people—and the correct way to lead them. Because each individual is a part of “people,” each needs to learn to lead oneself first and foremost—which, by the way, is the hardest person to lead.

As a rule, proper leadership skills are not taught in today’s culture, and the amount of bad leadership examples is staggering. This course knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way of excellent, proven leadership‚ and is taught in a way that gives the student opportunity to interact deeply and get answers to tough questions. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from some of the top names in leadership and industry.


• Beginning-of-Leadership Orientation Call
Wednesday, August 1st, we will have a 60 minute orientation call with some great inspirational topics to jump start the learning process.

• Weekly 60-Minute Group Mentorship Call
Each Wednesday morning from 6:30a–7:30a EST is our weekly conference call. We will cover many, many different topics throughout the year from extreme time management, to intentional living, communicating, accountability, budgeting and investing, personal growth, understanding others, leading others, to many more leadership topics and principles (see list of some topics to the right).

• Short Video Teaching (watch anytime)
During the week there will be a short inspirational video to help you be intentional and take the week by storm, as well as to give important, concise training.

• Direct Access to Answers!
You can access online special materials as well as contact me and my community leaders for answers to any question you have about any topic.

Special Guest Speakers From Many Career Streams 
Ethical leaders in sports, politics, business, finance, education, media, entertainment, military, and many other career streams (emphasis on “ethical”) may join us from time-to-time.

• Textbooks and Reading Materials
We will be covering at least five books and then other books that the group wants to cover. This class is ongoing and you can come in and out as you desire. These five top leadership and personal growth books—The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Becoming a Person of Influence, Crucial Conversations, Positive Accountability, and Everyone Communicates, Few Connect—will supplement and augment the live calls, giving materials to refer to throughout your lifetime.

• DISC Personality Profile Assessment & Report
You will need to take the DISC Model of Human Behavior personality assessment ($15) which will help me tailor your learning and answer your questions based on who YOU are. This method of teaching and learning helps you understand yourself and others so much better and causes a paradigm shift in your life. The accompanying 11-page profile report outlining your personality traits is extremely helpful. This one thing alone will save a lifetime of heartache as it shows you what your strengths and limitations are and helps you understand others far better. It really is priceless.

• Certificate of Completion in Leadership Practices
You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Advanced Leadership Academy which will allow prospective companies to see what expertise you have  gained and give an edge to being hired. More importanly, you will become a leader!

The normal cost of this Program: $797 per year, per person. But we’re offereing it for $25 per month which is one third the price if you come all year. Why? Because a friend talked me into pricing it where anyone can afford it. For the cost of a trip to Starbucks weekly, you can learn the best leadership practices. Can’t beat that. Quit any time.



• Intentional Living
• Personal Awareness
• Understanding Your Personal Values
• The Toughest Part Of Getting Started
• Reflection and Change
• Consistency
• Self-Discipline
• What Do You Really, Really, Really Want?
• Take 100% Responsibility For Yourself
• Environment and Bad Company
• Life Plan
• Daily Planning/Life Planning
• Financial Budgeting & Investing
• Failing Forward
• Mastering Fear
• Character Development
• Setting and Achieving Goals
• Making Trade-offs
• Give Up to Go Up
• Inculcating Curiosity
• Asking Great Questions
• Dealing with Hard Things
• The Proper Place of Passion & Purpose
• Life Mentorship
• Life Coaching
• Communicating
• Shattering Limits
• Growing Others
• Connecting with Others
• Gaining Influence
• Winning with People
• Eliminating Procrastination
• Time Management
• Knowing & Breaking Limitations
• Developing Systems to Accomplish
• Planning for Needs
• Everyone is a Salesperson
• Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn
• Adding Value to Others
• Serving Others
• Don’t Give or Take Excuses
• Building Trust
• Don’t Enable—Empower
• Respect
• Intuition
• Kindness
• Defining Your Target
• Peak Performance
• Inner Circle
• Confidence and Security
• Mission
• Vision
• Feedback
• Team Building
• Momentum
• Priorities
• Sacrifice
• Timing
• Handling Explosive Growth
• Limiting Beliefs
• Eliminating Baggage
• Bringing Closure
• Getting Over Yourself
• Perpetual Student
• Risk
• Pay Yourself First
• Self-Starting
• Balance
• Accountability
• Tenacity
• The Mind
• As A Man Thinks
• Getting Hired
• Finding the Right Fit
• Lean Living
• Reasonability Test
• Crucial Conversations
• Entrepreneurship
• Transformational Thinking
• Thinking Big
• Understanding Marketing
• Focus
• Keeping Score?
• Integrity
• Illegal, Immoral, Unethical
• Pareto Principle
• Cultivating Creativity
• Strategic Thinking
• Understanding Bottom-Line
• Influence
• You Read, You Lead
• Motivation
• Getting Up When You Can’t
• Be Present In The Moment
• Define & Refine
• Applying Knowledge
• Exceed Expectations
• Public Speaking
• Legacy

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