Level Up-About Royce & Christian Marc

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I (Royce) love people. I am an Outgoing-People-Oriented person.

I’m also an Outgoing-Task Oriented person — which means I like to make things happen. What does that mean?

My goal is to help people understand themselves and others so they can have incredible relationships and achieve their definition of success. With a 50% divorce rate and our children’s negative fallout from that, plus less and less time that we are able to spend with our kids (and our spouse) because the demands of today’s work environment — there are enormous strains on the family. The suicide rate has increased by almost 25% since 1999. That’s huge. We’re not doing something right. We need a paradigm shift.

Our passion, training, and experience is to help —

  • couples restore and build  their marriage by understanding themselves and each other deeply;
  • parents understand their kids so they can have deep, meaningful relationships with them—forever;
  • kids understand their parents so they can understand who they really are and communicate with them;
  • families never say, “they just don’t understand me…” and really get how we are wired and why we do what we do;
  • students learn personal growth and Level 5 leadership skills [our Advanced Leadership Academy];
  • co-workers communicate with each other to gain better success at work, and ultimately life;
  • team members understand their leadership and excel through an understanding of who they are;
  • sales teams learn to sell through instead of sell to by understanding the personality and needs of their clients and clients customers;
  • churches and companies excel by putting the right people in the right positions by knowing which personalities are best for each position—and helping differing and opposite personalities, learn to communicate and connect—you would be surprised the difficulties churches have in communicating within the leadership.

Our success comes from understanding our own personality as well as those whom we want to connect with.

So—Who Are We?

We are father and son teaching team—Royce and Christian Marc White. Royce is an author, international speaker, and executive coach with the John Maxwell Team—the world expert in leadership and personal growth. Both Christian Marc and Royce are certified human behavior specialists with the DISC Model of Human Behavior.

Christian Marc is an actor and brings his professional acting skills, communication skills, and his DISC personality skills, to help families learn to communicate and succeed in life.

Royce’s experience includes roles in executive leadership, worship leadership, publishing, training, and consulting. He is also a professional musician and a worship leader with almost 40 years experience. He is the author of the book Positive Accountability—which helps those who have trouble finishing what they start—which is about 80% of us, and his soon-to-be-released book, Level-UP! How To Make Your Profits Go Up, Your Relationships Get Better, And Everything In Life Have Less Stress And More Productivity.

Royce’s past work as a leader in YoungLife youth ministries and in church has created an unrelenting passion for helping young people succeed in life. His hope for youth was the catalyst for the development of this workshop.

Royce has been married to his bride, Jody, for 40 years, and together they teach a weekend seminar, I’m So Glad I Married You, using the DISC Model of Human Behavior to help couples understand each other and communicate well. They have five grown children.

We look forward to helping your students and their parents gain invaluable insight into the way each of them is wired. Every time we give this presentation, there are many in the group who feel like it has been one of the greatest lessons in their lives and they look forward to putting it into practice in every relationship.