Leadership MasterMind Groups

What is a MasterMind Group? It’s a group of people that study a subject together, usually a book or books. You dive deeply into the subject material and the leader—group coach—facilitates and answers questions.

We do it a little differently. We do a 20 minute teaching on a chapter, than have 40 minutes of discussion, Q&A, etc. It’s an awesome way to learn a subject from both an expert in the field and your peers questions and thoughts.

We used to do MasterMind groups for $300 per person for a typical 7-8 week session. But in order to open it up for everyone, we are now doing them for $25 per month. You can quit whenever you want. So why not do it for free? Because you need to have skin in the game to win. When we make things free, people don’t take it as seriously. As well, getting this training for $25 per month is like getting it free.

Plus, you’re getting leadership training from a certified John Maxwell Team member meticulously trained and mentored by John and his faculty—this training will be the best leadership training you will ever get. And we are also certified Human Behavior Specialists so we will help you learn and grow based on who you are—not who we are. That means bigger-more-faster growth.

You will need to buy each book (kindle, paper or hardback—I recommend Hardback because most of these books you will want to read over and over again in your life to capture all the nuances as you grow in leadership. We will give you links to Amazon if you want to purchase them there.

Here’s what you’re going to get from me and my team—

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth—by John Maxwell. 15 chapters, 15 weeks, one chapter per week. This book is one of the greatest starting points for almost anyone wanting to learn to become a better leader. The hardest person to lead is yourself, so this is the best place to start. I have taught this book countless times and reference it almost daily. It’s a phenomenal read.

Leadership Gold—by John Maxwell. 25 chapters, 13 weeks, two chapter per week. This is where your understanding of leadership will start to take off.



Failing Forward—by John Maxwell. 25 chapters, 13 weeks, two chapter per week.

• Crucial Conversations—

• Becoming A Person of Influence