Home School Conference Workshops

Greetings Home School Leaders!

Royce is a home schooling dad of five children for 27 years. As well, he is a certified Executive Coach, International Speaker, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Royce does all of our speaking and training at home school conferences. Read this testimonial excerpt from Anne Miller, President of the Home School Association of Virginia (HEAV) who hosts the second largest conference in the country—

“Royce, your sessions have been the talk of MANY homes and groups these last few days. Just today someone told us how their marriage was on the rocks and the DISC understanding changed their hearts profoundly. I know it made a profound change in the way we relate to one of our sons. We were just discussing your great presentations in our staff meeting today and hungering for the handouts!”

Workshop titles include—

Teach Your Children According to Their Personality and Increase Their Achievement
• Leadership Skills for Your Children – Teach Them Now!
• Conflict Resolution: How to Have Crucial Conversations 

• Your Conclusion is Wrong Because Your Premise is Wrong: The Correct World View
• Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Volunteers
• Work-Life-School Balance: Magic or Myth?
• Wired by God: Speaking Everyone’s Personality Language
• How to Create a Paradigm Shift in Your Marriage Almost Instantly

We can also custom design training for your workshop on any leadership or personality topic. Contact us now to start the conversation! 800-328-2390 or click here.