Supportive Personality Quicklook


If you’re primary trait is Supportive… You’re supportive, stable, steady, sweet, status quo, shy. You like routine, harmony, teamwork, and things to stay the same. You love being accepted and sticking with what works. You emphasize achieving stability and accomplishing tasks by cooperating with others. You will show patience and loyalty and you’re a good listener. You’re motivated by infrequent change, stability, sincere appreciation, and cooperation.

Your strengths include being calm, dependable, easygoing, trustworthy, efficient, practical, conservative, diplomatic, and humorous. Under control, you are relaxed, reliable, cooperative, single-minded, steadfast, softhearted, systematic, and amiable.

In other people you will notice patience, calmness, desire for teamwork, and a methodical approach, kindness, caring, patience, understanding, and gentleness.

You like peace, helping others, friendly environments, finishing the job. You don’t like insensitivity, surprises, intense conversation, sarcasm, pushiness, and misunderstandings. You’re a hardworking team-player. I’m married to an uber high S. And if you’re a high Dominant, there’s a good chance you are married to one, too! Opposites generally attract.

When you’re out of control, you lack initiative, you are dependent, used by others, indecisive, uncommunicative, inflexible, resistant to change, easily manipulated, slow, and resentful. You also have an over willingness to give and you put your personal needs last. This is how others take advantage of you.

To be your best, you need to deal well with your fears and limitations. One of your biggest limitations is making change. You do not like change. So you need to learn to accept change and be a lot more flexible when you can. Set up systems to notice when you are being inflexible. Tell your team that as an S you are wired to not like change. Ask them to challenge you in love and help you work toward it.

Supportives make great teammates. You learn your job well. You perform well. You help out everywhere. You do a lot of the work. You will be involved in as much or as little as others want you to be. You don’t do well with D’s. You are sensitive, and D’s have a tendency to step on you unintentionally, which causes a lot of problems. On the other hand, D’s think S’s are lazy because they move more slowly than other personality types. Be patient with one another. D’s, remember to be kind. S’s, remember to express yourself candidly. S’s raise your D personality and be stronger when you need to. Dominants and Supportives can work well together because D’s like to lead and delegate and S’s like to do the work.

Don’t let others take advantage of you. The hardest word for you to say, is “No.” Learn to say it so you can accomplish the important things first.

30-35% of the population is a Supportive

[NOTE: Dominants—the largest part of the population is an S—your opposite! Recognize that this is the largest part of the population and make a change!]

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