About My Inspiring Personality


If your primary trait is Inspiring… You are inspiring, influencing, impressionable, interesting, impressive, and involved. You shape the environment, persuade, and get involved with people. You love social recognition, group activities, building relationships. You’re charming, sociable and enthusiastic.

Your impulsiveness and disorganization can lead to lack of follow-through and sometimes illogical conclusions. You can take your people down the wrong path. You need an anchor and systems in place to keep you on target. You are people oriented, not task oriented—so concentrate on the things that need to be done—not just the things you want to do.

You’re the life of the party. You live to bring joy and fun to the masses. You are the chief sales person whether it’s in your job description or not. You leave people feeling good about situations. You choose transparency over rigidity, substance over form. You’re a people person and treat others well—usually. You think of people first, tasks second and that is your strength and limitation. You can also get so caught up in yourself so much that you forget other people.

Your main limitation is that you choose being liked over just about everything else. You can be selfish without recognizing it, thinking that you’re not because you’re making everything so much fun—and people like fun!

I’s make great salespeople—IF you learn to focus and follow up. You are outgoing and people oriented. You love to perform and love taking people with you. You make great connections, but follow-through is very difficult—possibly your greatest failure mechanism if you’re a salesperson. You can also oversell—promise the sun but deliver the moon instead. Basically, you have a hard time focusing! If you learn to focus and follow up in a timely fashion, you will be hard to beat!

You need a task-oriented team member to help keep you on target (positive accountability) and to help you remember to do the homework necessary to get really good. Too often you rely on your natural talent—which is good, but usually not great. You need to study, practice, listen (repeat), and do the extra work necessary to get great. Don’t be lazy or you’ll start to gain momentum but then crash and burn when you realize you don’t have the tenacity—the persistence—to stay on target, and all your work will be wasted. Get consistency!! Persistence is the key to success in anything. Finding ways to be persistent is the penultimate factor of success in anything. Do this one thing—be persistent—and you will succeed. Did I make that clear enough?? If you’re an ‘I’ or an ‘S’ (Supportive) or if you struggle getting on and staying on target, get some positive accountability to learn how to conquer this area of struggle.

Keep your eyes on the goal, do the work, and have fun—don’t substitute work for fun—you’ll do plenty of fun naturally. 25-30% of the population is an ‘I.’

How to relate to me: I work well and enjoy working with others. I’m not the best with schedules and time-lines so be patient with me and help me build a system to be focused, detailed, and organized and to embrace good self-control practices. I am creative and have lots of energy.  I am the energy behind most projects. I love rewards and recognition—praise me in public and gain my trust! I need kindness and can be loud and boisterous. I can be sensitive, so I need you to be gentle when arguing with me. I have trouble focusing and it can be misdiagnosed as ADD. I just have tremendous energy. Love me lots and lots and lots! Want to know more?

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