Cautious Personality Quicklook


If your primary trait is Cautious… You are  reserved and task oriented. You are usually the smartest person in the room and correct most of the time. Not because you have a higher IQ, but because you have laser-like focus. You stay on target until it’s done correctly. You do your homework. If you don’t understand, you will work on it until you do. You are the proverbial introvert. You play by the rules. You are 25% of the population and staff.

Strengths: You am cautious, competent, careful and calculating, cognitive, thoughtful, compliance wanting, conscientious, correct, conformist, consistent, and trustworthy. Because of all this, you can seem cold in both appearance and approach toward others. You are task oriented (good); but, as a result,  you can forget people (bad)!

Weaknesses: Out of control, you can tend toward being negative, pessimistic, judgmental, fearful, a perfectionist, unforgiving, unfriendly, depressed, self-centered, offended easily, cold, stingy, and prideful.  You struggle with being people oriented unless you have good people skills from your secondary trait.

How to relate to me at work: I can appear cold when relating to people. I don’t mean it—I’m just always thinking. I am excited on the inside! This doesn’t mean I don’t like you—I just don’t show it well. I am very organized and detailed. I keep schedules and budgets well. I am usually conservative in my dress and actions. I like to finish what I start and can seem like a task master. I’m the kind of person who is suited to be a geek, doctor, lawyer, pilot, engineer—a deep thinker. I’m great at event planning, training, and sweating the small stuff. I’m very faithful. I believe in duty. Ask me good questions and give me good answers. I’m very good with money, budgeting, and scheduling—accounting. I have integrity and honesty. Don’t let me work too hard and help me have fun. 

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