If you are homeschooled—and/or have an incredible work-ethic—and are looking for part-time work, this is the place for you. We are looking for people who—

• are Faithful in their work
• are Very Punctual (you are faithful to being at work on time)
• have good transportation
• have a desire to work hard and make a fair wage
• are teachable
• are conscientious
• are at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license

The Caris Group teaches leadership and we have people asking us all the time if we know of any potential job openings. As a home schooler and potential team player (employee), you are looking for a good job with fair wages. So, we vett every company/leader BEFORE we recommend so you know this place is going to be above average. We want the employer/employee relationship to be the best possible.

[ to read/watch testimonials and see what others think of The Caris Group and our CEO Royce White, go here… ]

What does that mean practically? It means that the employer knows how to lead well (or is learning) and that the employee has the right attitude, ability, and necessary resources (health, transportation, time, and worth ethic).

As well, we are human behavior specialists so we can spot potential problems before they start—actually in the vetting process. We will also map out your personality for your own use and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to learn necessary life skills to be the best team player any organization will ever have.

So if you are ready to use your good work-ethic skills to make some money, grow your life-skills, and help your community and the country, fill out the form below. All information is secure and will not be sold, given, or otherwise passed on to anyone for any reason. When we find a match, we will give you the information of the employer and connect the two of you together. As well, we will follow up with both parties to ensure compliance. Further, we will work to help resolve issues.

What must you do? (mandatory)

• Fill out the form below.
• Pay $15 for a personality assessment, refundable if we don’t get you an interview within 45 days.
• Be on our weekly leadership training call (one hour) learning and developing how to lead yourself and be a good employee/team player.
• If you’re under 18, have your parents consent.
• Work hard—it’s not only your reputation but ours that’s on the line—and further, we represent Christ—if you don’t work hard, you show a bad example of being a follower of God. This is opportunity! For you to learn, for you to give, for you to live the gospel to others.

Ready to start leading better and learn crucial life-skills AND get paid for it? Fill out the form below. (If you are under 18, talk to your parents First and get their permission. We will follow up with them).


Employee Form

Employee Form

You have Transportation?
Type of work you are willing to do (check all that apply)

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent or Guardian Agreement
‡For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God... We can't catch everything about a person but we will try to eliminate as many issues as we can.