Understanding Teachers’ and Students’ Personality Differences Helps Students Succeed Faster and Deeper

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Your personality affects 99% of everything in life—including how we see others, how we communicate, how we think and feel, how we prioritize and handle pressure, how we behave and interact in a group, whether we lead or follow, if we’re serious or silly, and even—how we learn. Everything really. As a teacher, your personality is probably the same as a quarter of your students. That means 75% of your students are not like you and don’t think like you do. And even though you’re the teacher—the leader—and your students are the followers—you may not be connecting with the vast majority of your students in the best ways. Not because you’re not a good teacher, but simply because your students learn in different ways. You know this instinctively from all the years you’ve spent building relational systems to augment your educating skills. As a teacher who wants to see your students do their best and go further in the world, is there a better System to quickly understand them and connect with them to help them learn and grow faster?

What if you could learn to understand all your students better quickly, by understanding their individual personality and applying that knowledge to helping them learn faster—to learn more by the way they are wired?

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Well, we’re going to show you how.  You can learn and apply more deeply how to communicate, connect, motivate, work with, and help your students by speaking their personality language. We’ve developed this Personality InfoGraphic tool to help you recognize your personality, your students’ personalities, and to learn to bridge the gap quickly so you can help your students attain their highest ability as fast as possible. No more wondering why a student does or doesn’t do something and how to help them specifically by talking to them in a way they understand. How many times have you had a conversation with a parent, friend, spouse—anyone—and you just didn’t get what they were saying—it seemed like they were just not connecting with you. Or vice versa—they furrowed their brow in confusion and said, “what are you talking about?” And these are fully functioning adults (hopefully!). Just imagine what it takes to fully understand someone who is at the beginning or early stages of cognitive development. There are times when we are thinking in a particular direction and we misunderstand what’s being said. We are not all wired the same—and even if you understand that fact, do you know how to speak in a way that will best meet the other persons’ type of communication? This System will help you do just that. Plus, learn how to answer each students’ questions based on how they are wired to learn—not how you are wired to teach—which is the case for three-quarters of your students—not because you’re a bad teacher but because most of the students are simply not wired like you. Especially when 25-30% of your students have your opposite personality! They can wreak havoc to your daily plan and the classroom—not intentionally but because they are wired for fun or control. How do you alleviate that issue while helping them grow and learn better? And make your teaching and classroom time less stressful. It actually is possible to create that atmosphere in the class. Get more value. Better answers. And help your students squeeze more out of the learning process.

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The four primary personality traits are discussed with specific strengths and weaknesses to look for and the specific way to teach each type of student. You really can save a lot of headaches and heartaches and specifically help each student individually succeed. Posters are 12″ x 18″and printed full-color on #100 (heavy weight) glossy text paper. Suitable for framing, hanging, laminating—or just studying at home.

Add this tool to your teaching methodology and help your students level up, your relationships get better, and everything in life have less stress and more productivity.

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