2018 HEAV LeaderLife Royce’s Notes

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Greetings Beloved!
Thank you so much for letting me speak to you at the LeaderLife Weekend. My Bride and I had a wonderful time, and it was a blessing to hear how lives were changed. This material is ©, but please share it with your leadership teams and others you think it may help. This information is free and worth a lot—IF you use it. Let it change your life.
I am very serious about encouraging you to contact me through email if you have any questions or want to talk about leadership or personality issues. I love to add value to people and help. Also, I delight in praying for any needs you may have, so please use me as a resource.
A favor please?
If you could, please take a moment and email me a testimonial or your story from the weekend. There were many who told me they had a paradigm shift after calling home and speaking with their spouse or children. I would love to be able to tell your story to others (anonymously if you like)—you could help others by just telling your story! You can either email me or for you D's & I's you could record it on your SmartPhone and send it to me! Thank you! Send to royce@WeAreCaris.com
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Royce—for all your leadership, personal growth, and personality questions, royce@WeAreCaris.com (not working? Try royce@thecarisgroupllc.com) or call 800-238-2390.

Jody—for all your scheduling, purchasing, speaking engagements, general questions, or you just need a very high "C" person to talk to (or if you are an "S" and don't want to bother me...), jody@WeAreCaris.com (not working? Try jody@thecarisgroupllc.com) or call 800-238-2390.


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One thought on “2018 HEAV LeaderLife Royce’s Notes

  1. Thank you for coming to Leader Life in Williamsburg this past March. I loved the exercises we did to exemplify personality types and styles of learning – the visual made it much easier to see where my leaders and I, and also my husband and I, fall when discussing topics or growing together. I knew right where I would land, but then in watching others around me, found that I understood so much better my husband’s way of thinking and ways he might feel when we interact together. It reminds me often to consider his needs and styles before asking for response and/or making plans. The lessons are key for leaders, too, as we work together. I forget this in my leader positions more than I do at home. I look forward to reading the notes again and deeply appreciate your presence at our event, as well as your wife’s input into our small group. We look forward to learning more.

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