Couples Interaction Guide HEAV LeaderLife 2018 Special

For all those who attended the 2018 HEAV LeaderLife Weekend,  I promised a Free Couples Interaction Guide if you purchased two DISC Adult Extended Assessments—one for you and one for your spouse. Here was the deal—

If both you and your spouse take the Extended Adult DISC Assessment ($60 each), I will complete a Relationship Interaction Guide Report for the two of you for free.

That’s a $99 gift (worth a million dollars in saved headaches and heartaches) from me and my spouse to you and yours.

I want your marriage to succeed. The paradigm shift that will occur in your marriage after reading the 50 page Assessment and the 11 page Interaction Guide, is absolutely wonderful. Apply the principles taught, and you can finally understand your spouse and communicate much more deeply. To get started, go here and take your assessments. After you have completed your assessments online, we will send you your free Interaction Guide.

After you have received your reports and if you agree that it is incredibly helpful, please ask your pastor to bring us into your church to do our personality weekend marriage encounter—and you and your spouse can attend for free. It goes into a lot more detail about personality and how to make your relationship work really well. To take the assessment, go to and Click on DISC in the upper right menu. To bring us to your church, call Jody at 800-328-2390 or email

Thank you!