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Do You Speak Others’ Personality Language?

We Help People Thrive

A family is a group of people. A church is a group of people. A business is a group of people. A team is a group of people. So in all circumstances in life, we are dealing with people—and if you don’t understand people—you will misunderstand them. Trouble at work. Trouble at home. Trouble at church. We train you to apply proven methodologies and procedures that will help you take any relationship to the pinnacle—to the top—and eliminate that trouble. Want to lower stress and increase productivity with your team? Call our team. We don’t just help you survive, we help you thrive!

It’s all about people—always has been—always will be. Contact us today and let’s talk about learning to understand other people as you understand yourself.

Who Needs This?

Who will this help? You—no matter who you are. Management needs to understand their team and the team needs to understand management. Spouses need to understand one another. Parents need to understand their children. Some of your kids are totally different than you. Totally. You just don’t get them. You compare those that are not like you to those that are like you—“Why can’t you be more like your sister??”—ouch.  Spouses—you typically marry your opposite—how do you learn to understand your spouse when they think in another personality language? And how do they understand you? It’s like you’re from another planet! Almost seems programmed for failure. And your boss! She’s so incredibly domineering and task oriented while you’re reserved and people oriented—how do you learn to understand what she really means so you can be the best at your job? And how do you help her understand you so you can communicate well to best accomplish the job? What about understanding your parents? My dad and I didn’t connect all our lives—and then he passed away. None of these personalities are right or wrong—none of them are good or bad—we are all different. Come learn to connect with anybody.


Your personality affects 99% of what you do in life—and yet most of us don’t correctly understand our own personality—let alone someone else’s personality. Everything we do here at the Caris Group is designed to help you communicate better with others—because that’s where life happens—or doesn’t happen. Chances are good that you don’t understand some of the important people in your life—like your spouse, your boss, your kids, your parents—and if you don’t understand them, you will misunderstand them. You do what you have to do to get by—to survive. But life is too short to just survive—and if truth be told, most of us aren’t even surviving. We’re angry or hurt. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can show you how to thrive and lead yourself and others to a life well lived.

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Here’s what we do…

Church Leadership Training

Do you know the culture of your church? Your staff? Do you know the personality of your staff? Do you speak their personality language? Do you know your leadership lid? Are you a good pastor or just a good preacher? Are you so task oriented you forget that it’s about people? Who is your mentor? Who is positive accountability in your life? Do these things not matter to you? Do you find yourself asking, “God, why are you doing this to our church?”

Depending on how you answered the questions above, you could be  headed for trouble—or maybe you’re like thousands of other churches out there that are already in trouble and don’t even know it—or not sure how to fix it. We can help you and your staff employ the correct leadership principles and take your church to the next level. Don’t just hope you’re doing it right, make it sure. Read more…

Advanced Leadership Academy for High School Students

Most people don’t learn leadership and even less actually study it. Now you have the opportunity to get all the necessary skills to become a world-class leader in any organization—and even if leading others isn’t your goal, you still need to lead yourself well. Extremely wellThese learned skills will give you a significant edge to power through college, find the best possible career opportunity, and achieve the success you are looking for. Not going to college? You will learn to apply crucial leadership skills to help you find your career and jump start your life. This is an amazing opportunity for you to gain this mandatory life skill-set. More…

Level Up! Helping Parents and Students Communicate

We help parents and teens discover their personality differences and the reasons behind them so they can understand one another better and significantly deepen their relationships, reduce stress, power through school and college, take life head on and win. More…

Marriage Personality Workshop

“My spouse doesn’t understand me and my needs.” Where is your marriage? “Meh?” Struggling? Disgusting? Wouldn’t it be great to say “I’m glad I married you” instead of “I’m sorry I married you”? And even if it’s not terrible, why not make it great? Chances are extremely high you married your opposite—and the reason you are struggling and hurting is because you don’t understand each others differences. Come—learn the real truths about you and your spouse’s personality differences and how to communicate, connect, and have the marriage God intended you to have. More…

John Maxwell Team Leadership Training

All leaders have a lid on their leadership ability. Where’s yours? At what point has your organization outgrown your ability to lead them correctly to the next level?  We are international speakers and teachers with the John Maxwell Team. Author of over 80 books on leadership selling over 25 million copies, John has been voted the #1 leadership trainer in the world by the American Management Association, Inc. Magazine, and for the past seven years. We bring the best in leadership, personal growth, and personality understanding to your organization.

Personality Assessment

You are so different than I am. Chances are high you are different than your boss, your spouse, your kids, your parents—even some of your friends. Ever wonder why you do something? Is it habit? A personality quirk? Just the way you’re wired? And why is everyone else different? Why is it so hard to understand some people? We have the answer. You don’t need to guess or misunderstand anymore. Come find out why you are wired like you are and how to understand yourself and others really well. Reduce stress, increase productivity, build relationships, take life to the next level. More…

Books & Training Materials

Books and materials created by our team to help you accomplish life exceedingly well.

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What our clients say…

“Thank you very much for helping me understand others better. I especially liked the way you emphasized that leadership is based on people. This will help me in my daily interactions with others. It will help me to be more accepting toward others, and help me to realize the impact we all can have. I also started reading your book, and have highlighted many places in it that stuck out to me. Thank you for helping us better understand ourselves and others to help serve our community in a more effective way!”

Loren Wellsboro Home Page

“I very much appreciated your passion, enthusiasm, and positive energy in presenting this valuable information. Probably teaching this thousands of times, your way of interacting with us was still refreshing. With the significant research you have done on this subject, I was also impressed by the statistics you presented to make the information more real. Your examples were “spot-on”. When I listen to a speaker, my respect and admiration increase when I hear personal stories of how the speaker worked through the topic, applied it themselves, and acknowledged their successes and failures through this process. You accomplished this very well.”

Nicolle Mayo Assistant Professor Psychology Department, Mansfield University

“Royce’s background in leadership and management alone makes him an excellent choice for an executive coach. Moreover, his ability to anticipate and challenge excuses or reluctance has made the time we’ve spent together truly meaningful, effective, and priceless. He is sincerely interested in my development and asks critical and effective questions. In my wildest imagination, there is no better way to have invested my time than with this leader of leaders.”

Chris Loope Executive Director of Weekend Experience Eastside Christian Church (Anaheim, CA)

Who are we?

We're a group of leadership and communication experts from the John Maxwell Team. We are authors, international speakers, executive coaches, trainers, human behavior specialists—in short —everything leadership, personal growth, and personality understanding. We help you know yourself deeper, understand others better, and learn to communicate at a level that creates high levels of productivity and reduces stress. We're so confident you will see significant changes almost right away, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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About us

Hi—I'm Royce White, Founder and CEO of The Caris Group. I am also the author of the book Positive Accountability—a book that will help 80% of us get started to succeeding at any topic. After years in corporate America and starting eight businesses, I turned my attention to leadership and personal growth through the John Maxwell Team. That's when I discovered a secret in the trade—most people were being motivated to find accomplishment, but nobody was showing anyone true methodologies and procedures to continually accomplish—without having to be motivated. Most people ended up being motivated for a couple weeks and then started the long struggle down to failure. That's because—as Author Susan Fowler says in her landmark book 'Why Motivating People Doesn't Work'—you can't motivate people—they're already motivated—you need to learn what that is.” Plus, depending on what your personality style is, it can be harder to stay on target—sometimes much harder. So when you mix proper leadership and personal growth skills, your own personality, and positive accountability, you have the true formula for success in everything—family, career, spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, and social—the seven basic areas of life. Want to make a serious change in your organization? Start with your people. Let our people help your people. That's what we do, all day long.

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